Thursday, 18 May 2017

Do not let unwanted pregnancy to ruin your dreams, use MTP Kit now

Rosie was a 25-year-old girl. She just started her career. She was completely busy in her life and completely focused on her work. One night in a club, she met with her ex-boyfriend John. They started chatting with each other and old feelings were refreshed. 

It was two o clocks in the night. John told Rosie to stay in her flat just for a night, as it was too late and not safe to go home in the drunken state. After a lot of insisting, she got ready to stay in his flat. In flat, they started talking and attaching emotionally. They lost their control and got intimate with each other as they were in drunken state.

Next day, when Rosie wakes up in the morning she found herself in a bed of John. She started to remember the last night incidence but she was not able to remind. 

After few days, Rosie was going for an official meeting as her company scheduled a very important trip for her. She was quite excited for her trip and then she realized that she had missed a period. She doesn't want to continue her pregnancy. In conclusion, she has decided for abortion.

Rosie does not have time to go for an appointment; she searched over the internet and found MTP Abortion Kit. She clicked on given link of our drug portal and ordered it at an affordable rate with rapid shipping.

After reading all the guidelines and using MTP Kit, she has successfully terminated her pregnancy.

MTP KIT is a successful abortion method. It is mostly used for the termination of unwanted pregnancy of 63 days of gestation. This kit encloses Misoprostol and Mifepristone as the active constituent. You can use this kit at home without the guidance of anyone in a safe and effective manner.

MTP Abortion Kit comes under a cluster of progesterone inhibitor. It inhibits the progesterone hormone, which is important for the continuation of pregnancy. Inhibition of progesterone hormone, leads to blocking of supply of nutrients and oxygen for growing fetus, it results in fetal death. The aim of Misoprostol is to induce contraction and cervix widening, and as a result abortion contents are removed from the vagina in the form of blood clots and bleeding.

MTP Kit contains one pill of Mifepristone (200mg) and four pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each). It is advised to take healthy diet for faster recovery.

First day: Take one tablet of Mifepristone with a full glass of water via oral route without chewing or breaking the tablet in an empty stomach.

Third day: Take four tablets of Misoprostol in a single dose either vaginally or orally.

The fourteenth day Go for a medical checkup for confirmation of abortion.

Use to MTP Kit may show some unwished effects such as tiredness, stomach issues, unsteadiness, sickness, fever, heavy vaginal bleeding, irritation of the vagina and white release from the vagina.

Be cautious:

If you are allergic to Misoprostol or Mifepristone then do not use RU 486.
Remove your intrauterine device first then use RU 486 to induce abortion.
Avoid physical intimacy until the time of bleeding as it may increase the chances of vaginal infection.
Avoid taking alcohol as it may worsen its side effect.

Purchase RU 486 pills online, from our pharmacy portal, at an affordable price with fastest delivery at your home.

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